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Lash Extension Quick FAQs

Many are often hesitant to get lash extensions so here's a quick little FYI about lash extensions and how they work:

Q. What are eyelash extensions?

A. Eyelash extensions are synthetic hairs made to replicate your own eyelashes. These synthetic hairs are attached individually to each and every healthy natural eyelash. There are different lengths and curvatures and once attached to the natural lashes they enhance and create volume!

Q. How does it work?

A. Our natural lashes grow and shed every two to three months. As soon as a lash sheds a new lash begins to grow in, therefore, once eyelash extensions are applied a fill is needed every two to four weeks. Lash fills also depend and vary depending on personal care and lifestyle.

Q. What are the essentials to be able to wear eyelash extensions?

A. Because eyelash extensions are applied on natural lashes you must have natural lashes to begin with. If you have any medical conditions, you must disclose them upon consultation and prior to the appointment made with your stylist. You should also make sure you have the green light from your M.D. if you do have any allergies or medical conditions. If you have claustrophobia or can't lay still for a long period of time, then this is probably not for you.

Q. I have eyelash extensions, now what?

A. Caring for your lashes is not that difficult as long as you follow your stylists' instructions. Making sure you have your regular fills, good hygiene and no use of products that can deteriorate the life of your extensions you should be good to go.

These are a few basic questions and answers to help you understand the proceedure and care relating to eyelash extensions. If you have any additional questions feel free to visit www.ohhhmylashes.com where you'll find more FAQs regarding lash extensions!

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