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Selecting makeup kit essentials

You often find yourself being the one everyone depends on to get gorgeous and though that's a major compliment to you, you're thinking that this is no longer a hobby and you want to dedicate yourself to your new makeup artistry career full-time. And yes, this is very exciting news but now you're wondering what do you really need to include in your professional makeup kit?

Suddenly, you're at the makeup counters and though you have a rush to want to buy everything in sight you're feeling somewhat overwhelmed and perhaps a bit frustrated at what items you really need. Selecting makeup essentials for your kit will be much easier once you decide on what avenue of makeup artistry you want to concentrate on. Also, you want to keep in mind that creating a professional makeup ensemble takes time, much thought and resources.

Undoubtedly, you will need a vast selection. Begin with a set of makeup basics & tools that will help you get started and then refine your selections as you start understanding the needs of your clients. A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting and taking a one on one class with DeLaney Henry from You're Flawless (www.youreflawless.com) and one excellent piece of advice she gave me was to make sure the top elements of my kit did double duty. Meaning, if they do more than two jobs they are definitely a "Kit Keeper!" This piece of advise certainly helped in considering whether or not I should make a particular purchase. Now what to buy?

Stay tuned for the next segment on top ten must have makeup kit essentials.

Hi, I'm Julia Morales a "Hopeless Romantic" and the owner of Ohhh my lashes

where I specialize in eyelash extensions, bridal beauty, and sunless tanning.


"Beauty is a form of art and expression and I must express myself." -Julia

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