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Top Ten Makeup Kit Essentials Part I

Pondering what really makes an item an essential is not easy as there are definitely more than ten items that are a truly a necessity in a professional makeup kit. But, these I have chosen are because through the years of working I always found myself thinking as my kit and work began to grow, that I most certainly needed this or that over and over again- while I happen to be on the job working.

Here I'll be sharing my first five, remember that a kit always continues to evolve and therefore investing in the items that will always have a permanent residence in your makeup kit is where I suggest putting in more effort, money and consideration as these should last you a very long time.

1. Portable Makeup Chair

This I find is truly a necessity, especially if you love your back and intend on doing makeup for a long time! There are so many to choose from that you can choose the one that's best fit for you. You can find these at makeup pro stores or even online, remember that these should be light weight and easy to haul around. A portable makeup chair can run you anywhere from $80-200.

2. Portable Ring Light

This to me is very crucial, especially when working on set or on a bride. You may find yourself working on a bride in a hotel or her house where lighting may be very dim and you can't seem to distinguish a nude lip color from a pink. You definitely won't be sorry you shopped for one of these.

Price ranges from $65-300.

3. Airbrush Kit

An airbrush makeup kit could be a little intimidating for some, but I truly recommend getting training for this little powerful gem as it definitely gives you an edge. It may take some time to master but there are so many reasons to invest and add this to your makeup kit especially with HD Technology leading the way. A complete kit can start at about $199 and up.

4. Makeup Brushes

Ahhh... the artist's magic wand! Yes, these are the ones that help us create the stuff the dreams are made of! There are so many to choose from and so many great brushes out there. The best way to find which brushes work for you is to go to Sephora or MAC and play with these brushes. I personally like what works for me, what I use on my own face as I find it familiar and easy to work with on other people. Definitely having a complete set is necessary and once you invest on a good quality makeup brush set they can last a very long time with proper care! Prices vary from $18 each and up.

5. Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner

Though this is not something that lasts forever in your kit and you have to continuously replenish it. This is MUST HAVE! I love this makeup brush cleaner, especially when on a job. It cleans extremely well, dries quickly and has an amazing scent! You can easily find this at Cinema Secrets and the cost is up to $30 for a 16oz bottle. I also carry the 2oz spritzer bottle in my kit and refill with the contents of the larger bottle to save space.

Stay tuned for the next five!

Hi, I'm Julia Morales a "Hopeless Romantic" and the owner of Ohhh my lashes

where I specialize in eyelash extensions, bridal beauty, and sunless tanning.


"Beauty is a form of art and expression and I must express myself." -Julia

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