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Top Ten Makeup Kit Essentials Part II

Continuing on with our next five key selections- again we want to keep in mind that our selections are best picked when thought and time have gone into them. So let's explore the next five.

6. Makeup Train Case

There are several options when it comes to wheeling your treasured equipment around from metal cases to fabric ones. A good way to determine what to purchase is based on what kind of work you're doing. I personally find that I need a case with wheels rather than an over the should case, secondly I feel my equipment is best protected with great padding or insulation as some of my products are delicate and I definitely find a need for a case that is roomy and very well compartmentalized. Shopping around and testing them out at beauty supply stores isn't such a bad idea. Makeup train cases can run anywhere from $200-500.

7. Emergency Kit

No one ever really thinks about this but I found myself needing this once on a job. Fortunately, the emergency had nothing to do with me and everyone was alright but I found myself definitely including this very important kit to ever since! Creating your own can be cost effective or you can purchase a pre-made kit.

8. HD Ready Products

Because HD television & photography has become the norm, makeup can look very strange and too obvious as we in "real life" don't look as perfect so punding on loads of makeup can just magnify all imperfections. Here is where the saying "less is more" is actually a valid statement. The goal is to use High-Def products that make skin look natural. A good way to test things out is to read about products and then test them out in the right setting. Remember that when your looking for HD products, just because they call themselves HD doesn't mean they work as HD.

9. Classic Makeup Products

Keeping an array of products in your kit is of course a necessity, but you also don't need to carry everything. Like all artists, you will learn as time goes on what you tend to use more of and what you don't. Find items that do double duty! Instead of buying foundation in every single color, buy four or five and learn to mix and match! Also, knowing what to purchase for your kit will consist on what needs you have, so if you're an FX Artist, Bridal Artist or Body Painter you will just need to buy accordingly. Creating a makeup kit is no easy task and it's important to focus on whether a certain purchase is truly a necessity versus a want. If you're working with a budget keeping this focus will help in determining that your buys be wise ones.

10. Continuing education

Last and definitely not least! Continuing your educating is key in this ever-evolving industry. Everything changes and if you are not up to date you will certainly be left behind. You don't have to spend tons of money as there are several different ways to continue your education. Focusing in one area in particular or learning one new technique versus enrolling in a full year course can help in keeping the cost down. There are also many talented artist out there that can be followed, one of my personal favorites is PixiWoo, they are a gem in this industry!

I hope this information has been beneficial and educational.

Hi, I'm Julia Morales a "Hopeless Romantic" and the owner of Ohhh my lashes

where I specialize in eyelash extensions, bridal beauty, and sunless tanning.


"Beauty is a form of art and expression and I must express myself." -Julia

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